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Savvy makes it easy for you to manage your studio.

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Manage customers

All of your customer information professionally at your fingertips


Effortless communications

Create branded SMS and email templates to enable you to efficiently send personalised communications to your customers using their preferred contact method.


Automated reminders

Reduce ‘no shows’ with automated reminders and enjoy never having to worry about sending reminders again!

Manage shoots & weddings

Everything you need in one place - including all your signed contracts.


Appointments calendar

Colour code your calendar appointments to your personal preferences, and just click in the calendar to make an appointment or to see all the information about your customer.


Create weddings as well as shoots

No need to make a shoot work flow work for a wedding, create weddings as standalone events, collect wedding & bridal party info, store venue and planner info and have wedding specific workflows.

Unlimited brands, easy billing, contact forms and contracts

Say goodbye to filing forever!


Get a signature

Branded contacts and disclaimers are automatically generated and can be signed by the customer in the Savvy Studio system via their own customer portal.


Get your bills paid

Use Savvy Studio to send customers branded invoices for each part of your business.


Online booking and branded websites

Take bookings for shoots, mini shoot days and weddings online, link to you website or create as many customisable websites for your brands as needed.

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